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Lectures & Concerts

Throughout the year Christ Church Anglican sponsors lectures and sacred music concerts. All are welcome, and no tickets or donations are required.

The Church Past & Future Lecture Series brings leading theologians to discuss issues of contemporary significance for the Church. The inaugural lecture in the Church Past & Future series was given by Dr. Alastair Roberts in January 2019, and the series will continue in September 2019 with a lecture by Dr. Brad Littlejohn.

The Christ Church Organ Series features recitals by accomplished organists playing the magnificent organ that is used in our weekly worship at St. Paul’s. The 1901 Bennett organ, with 2400 pipes, was recently the subject of a major restoration by the Friends of St. Paul’s, and the organ and its restoration were the subject of the cover story in the November 2018 issue of The American Organist. The inaugural recital in the series will be given by Michael LeGrand, the organist of Christ Church Anglican South Bend.

Church Past & Future Lecture Series

No. 1: January 31, 2019

Dr. Alastair Roberts

“Jordan Peterson and Christianity,” recording here

Dr. Roberts is the author of Echoes of Exodus: Tracing Themes of Redemption Through Scripture. He is a prolific blogger and podcaster and is a major contributor to two theological institutes, the Theopolis Institute with Peter Leithart, which has the tagline “Bible. Liturgy. Culture.”; and the Davenant Institute, which advances the rediscovery of Reformation-era thought in continuity with the pre-Reformation church. Dr. Roberts is remarkable for his breadth of knowledge, and willingness to inform his biblical studies with forays into anthropology, sociology, and technology, among other fields. And, in a trait that is highly unusual for someone who is so engaged in social media on cutting-edge topics, he is ever-patient in his engagement with others, never cross or dismissive, the very model of a Model Public Theologian.

No. 2: September 21, 2019 at 7 pm

Dr. Brad Littlejohn

Topic TBA

Christ Church Organ Series

No. 1: November 15, 2019 at 7 pm

Michael LeGrand

Organist, Christ Church Anglican South Bend

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