Parish Life

At Christ Church Anglican, our life together is not just worship and study, but also feasting and friendship. There is a monthly brunch for the whole parish after a Sunday service, and during the school year a monthly dinner for students. And the women of Christ Church gather once a month for their Third Thursday Women’s Social. And we find other ways to gather—an Easter egg hunt, a beach day at Lake Michigan, a kid-friendly church workday, and an Advent reading group for C. S. Lewis’s Out of the Silent Planet.

We also host a Church Past & Future lecture series. It has included distinguished speakers on the following topics: “Jordan Peterson and Christianity” (Alastair Roberts), “Anglicanism’s Catholicity: Richard Hooker as a Guide for the Church Today” (Brad Littlejohn), and “Saint Crispina: Her North African Context, Martyr Act, and Reception in Saint Augustine” (Hannah VanSyckel).

We share in each other’s joys and sorrows. We look after those who are sick. And, away from church events, we just enjoy being together—there are baby showers and fishing trips and game nights. Whether it’s catching up after church, or just people in the parish spending time together during the week, Christ Church Anglican offers a warm and welcoming community.